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30 August 2018
"Force Delta" Ltd. was recertified by stan...
"Force Delta" Ltd. was recertified by standard for security of informati...

12 January 2018
Presidency of the Council of the European ...
“Force Delta” OOD took over the security of the Bulgarian Presidency of ...

25 September 2017
25 years FORCE DELTA!!!
25 years FORCE DELTA! In 2017 FORCE DELTA celebrates 25 years of presen...
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The company Force delta Ltd. disposes with GPS (Global Positioning System) and with specially developed software by means of which the operators on duty implement visual monitoring of the security guarded sites and of the patrolling motor vehicles, their exact location, current state and route of movement. This system provides the following opportunities upon receiving of an alarm signal:

·        The operators on duty acquire a visual idea on an electronic map about the exact location of the activated site which is automatically initialized on the operating screen (region, quarter, street, exact number and other details concerning the site);

·        The system reads the exact location of the security teams of closest position, their direction and route of movement;

·        Тhe operators on duty send response teams that arrive at the activated site in the shortest possible time;

·        Тhe operators trace the exact route of the auto-patrol sent and direct it along the shortest possible route; if necessary, they provide information about alternative short cuts (in the event of repairs, closed roads, traffic jams, etc.);

·        Тhe operators receive information about how long it took the auto-patrol to arrive at the activated site.

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