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30 August 2018
"Force Delta" Ltd. was recertified by stan...
"Force Delta" Ltd. was recertified by standard for security of informati...

12 January 2018
Presidency of the Council of the European ...
Force Delta OOD took over the security of the Bulgarian Presidency of ...

25 September 2017
25 years FORCE DELTA!!!
25 years FORCE DELTA! In 2017 FORCE DELTA celebrates 25 years of presen...
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  • Force Delta Ltd. is issued License 1268, by the General Directorate National police, for fulfillment of all kinds of security activity on the whole territory of Bulgaria according to the act for the Private security activity.

  • Force Delta Ltd. possesses a permission to use radio-frequency on the territory of the entire country, as well as GPS-system.

  • Force Delta Ltd. possesses a Certificate for telecommunication service - access to satellite images

  • The Bulgarian Ministry of Defence, issued us an official permission, for appropriation of NCAGE-code manufacturers/suppliers code from the Codification system of NATO.

  • Force Delta Ltd. is also registered at the Central Contractor Registration which is the primary registrant database for the US Federal Government.

  • ISO 9001:2015 -System for quality management as a total control over the quality of the security services provided;

  • OHSAS 18001:2007"Force Delta"Ltd. possesses certificates for health and safety management system under the standard

  • ISO 27001:2017 "Force Delta" Ltd. was recertified by standard for security of information assets

  • ISO 18788:2015 System for management of private security activities;

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