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30 August 2018
"Force Delta" Ltd. was recertified by stan...
"Force Delta" Ltd. was recertified by standard for security of informati...

12 January 2018
Presidency of the Council of the European ...
УForce DeltaФ OOD took over the security of the Bulgarian Presidency of ...

25 September 2017
25 years FORCE DELTA!!!
25 years FORCE DELTA! In 2017 FORCE DELTA celebrates 25 years of presen...
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The Center is equipped with communication equipment, produced by the Japanese company УIcomФ Ц two-channel УTrunkФ radio-telephone system (with 3 communication cells for the area of the city of Sofia), operating in duplex mode, connected with extension to the telephone network. Radio communication could be implemented either personally or in a group. When operative work is done, it is being operated in an operative channel with a coded signal. The company has also established its own alphanumerical paging system, used for transmitting a specialized information to the particular officer, auto-patrol or group of patrols. We operate with the following models: IC-F1610, IC-F310, IC-F410, IC-F3. The company also has updated its 15-year license for using specified national frequencies. The connection between the operative center and the auto-patrols is realized in the three of the aforesaid alternative manners. For the purpose of fast and easy connection between the subscribers and the Operative Center, the company has available a short-dialing telephone number: 91-163.

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